The widest range of decorative mulch in Wollondilly

Decorative mulch, made from recycled and chipped wood or leaves, is the ideal material for covering those low maintenance areas of the garden. It is less expensive than some aggregates, which make it suitable for larger areas or places that are less accessible. Some popular types of decorative wood mulch include pine bark, wood chip and red wood chip. Other types are leaf mulch which is a mix of chippings and leaf litter, and Cyprus fines which is termite resistant and has the same appearance as euci mulch. 

Purchase mulch from Mark's Landscape Supplies to protect your garden or other landscaping project from damage. You can use mulch to protect soil, retain moisture, maintain soil temperature and prevent weeds from growing. 

This budget price material is great for lying around dense bush areas or even on low traffic paths in wooded areas. For areas that will not be frequently dug up and replanted, mulch is an excellent option for ensuring that your landscape is kept in top condition.

For those who want a mulch that will also add extra nutrients to their soils we also carry sugar cane mulch, lucurne mulch, and tea tree mulch in compressed bales.


Mark’s Landscape Supplies stocks a complete range of decorative mulches, ready for delivery at your convenience. Call our expert team today on  02 4683 1731  for all your landscaping material needs.

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